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Best Man Gift Ideas and Wedding Thank You Presents
Personalised best man gift
Say thank you to your Best Man than with a present from our carefully chosen gift ideas. 
Your right-hand man deserves some recognition and with our selection of stylish Best Man cufflinks you can make sure he looks the part. Each pair of wedding cufflinks is smartly gift boxed.  Why not follow the idea through with some wedding socks and boxers?

Once the look is sorted you may want to treat him to one of our Best Man gifts - a little something to say thank you and remind him of your special day.  Our Best Man tankards, hip flasks and glasses make a great keepsake and something that can be used for years to come.

Finish with a fabulous Best Man card with a handwritten thank you message.
best man gifts
best man cufflinks
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Best Man Gifts

Lots of Best Man gift  ideas from wedding socks for the wedding day and Best Man tankards
Best Man Cufflinks

Specially designed wedding cufflinks for your Best Man in a variety of styles.
Best Man Cards

A great selection of hand-finished thank you cards for your Best Man.
For a more individual Best Man gift, why not take a look at our personalised gift range?
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personalised thankyou gifts for the best man
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Best Man thank you cards
Personalised Gifts

Say a big thankyou to your Best Man with a great, unique personalised gift.
Engravable Cufflinks

Why not have your Best Man's name engraved for a unique personal gift.
Best Man Duties
Being asked to be a Best Man is a great honour that should fill you with pride, but it can also feel quite daunting.  Once you have wallowed in the glory of being the chosen one you will come back down to earth with the realisation that you will have to actually get involved and help with one of the most important days in your friend's life.  If that is not enough you have got to stand up in front of everybody at the reception and attempt to be funny and engaging - no pressure then.  Apart from the fun of organising the stag night there are some serious duties ahead of you!

Be His Right-Hand Man

The groom will be looking to you, his Best Man for support during the run up to the wedding and you will need to be available to help with anything he might need.  The wedding arrangements will be mostly outside of your remit but as Best Man there are certain elements you will get involved with, before and after the wedding ceremony.  As the Best Man you are top of the tree with regards to the other wedding attendants. Any ushers and groomsmen will look to you for direction on their own duties.  You may get involved in the wedding attire arrangements and any fittings/hiring to be organised. It will be up to you to make sure that everybody has everything they need before the big day.

The Stag Night

Organising the stag do will probably be your most enjoyable task and fill you with the most glee! It is the Best Man's job to come up with ideas, invite the guests and make the arrangements.  At the end of the night you should also take the responsibility for making sure the groom makes it back home in one piece or forever face the wrath of his bride to be!

At the Ceremony

During the wedding rehearsal you will have practiced the wedding day scenario and now it is up to you to put it into practice.  As the Best Man, you should arrive at the venue ahead of time so that you can make sure Ushers are in position to greet and organise guests.  Your Best Man duties will now really kick in by providing the main support for the Groom, making sure his nerves are under control, he looks good and feels great.

One very important item not to forget - the rings! Check and double check that you have the bride and groom's rings as it will be your job to present them, unless there is a ring bearer.

During the ceremony the Best Man stands alongside the Groom, awaiting the arrival of the Bride. Once vows have been exchanged, it will be time for you to hand over the ring(s).

The Reception

At the wedding reception the Best Man's main task is his wedding speech.  This is something you will want to think long and hard about and practice it so that you don't feel nervous.  Jot down some speech notes and keep them with you so that you have backup if you need a prompt.  Try to include some fun anecdotes and possibly a joke at all, but above all be respectful to the bride and just tell everyone what an amazing couple they are.

Some time during the evening after the applause for your amazing speech has finally dimmed down (!) you can sneak off and decorate the going away car if there is one. This is the time for you to let your hair down and relax and enjoy the rest of the evening ......
Say thank you with a hand-finished Best Man thank you card, from just £1.99.