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Usher Gifts, Cufflinks and Wedding Accessories
Your Ushers are the first people to meet and greet your guests when they arrive for your wedding, so they need to look the part.  As well as helping usher guests to their seats, your ushers will be on hand to answer any questions, give out order of service etc, and generally be on hand to help out on the day.

We have lots of usher presents and accessories to help them look their best and co-ordinate with the rest of the wedding party.  For a useful gift our Usher cufflinks are available in a huge array of styles and add a stylish finishing touch to a smart outfit.  Our range of Usher gift ideas make great keepsakes and mementos of your special day.
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Usher Cufflinks

Specially designed cufflinks for your Ushers in a variety of styles, colours and designs.
Usher Gifts

Thank your ushers for their help on your wedding day with a present to keep.
Usher Cards

A great selection of hand-finished  usher thank you cards to accompany your gift.
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Personalised Usher Gifts

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Engravable Cufflinks

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Wedding Usher Duties
Before the Ceremony

Your wedding day ushers are an important part of your big day and are there to help your guests and deal with little issues that come up so that you can relax and enjoy your day.  Traditionally your usher will arrive to the wedding venue early and await your guests.  Your Ushers should be smart, friendly and approachable.  They will be available to help your guests with car parking, assisting with seating and being available to ask questions.  The ideal ratio is one Usher per 50 guests, but the more the merrier!

An usher can be an adult or child, so long as they are old enough to perform the duties required.  Young Ushers for example will enjoy handing our Order of Service cards or hymn sheets, whilst your older Ushers will be able to answer any questions your wedding guests may have about seating and arrangements.

Your Usher will also be on hand to assist the Best Man should he need it and do everything he can to help the day run smoothly for the Bride and Groom as well as the wedding guests.

One Usher will probably be assigned the duty of informing the groom, the organist and choir if there is one, that the bride is arriving, so that they can prepare.  Another Usher will stay at the back of the church so that he can direct and help any late arrivals.

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony one Usher will leave immediately to the reception venue to ensure that everything is in order and that welcome drinks etc will be ready upon the newly wedded couple's arrival.  The other Ushers will stay behind to make sure everybody knows the route to the venue and to assist with directions.

The Usher's duties do not end here but continue at the reception.  These duties will include making sure all guests have drinks, directing to cloakrooms and toilets and organising the receipt of wedding gifts.